Images & Videos


  • Headshots in the main body of the page should be circular. Other images should use squared corners by default.
  • Text should only be placed over a background image when there is sufficient contrast.
  • Videos should have a visible play button to trigger the playing of the video.


Overview Image Treatment
  1. Images typically have square corners. Box shadows and borders are kept to a minimum.
  2. Headshots are circular and are the one exception to the standard square corner.

Images with text

Overview Image Text Treatment
  1. The background image is monochromatic and dim enough to provide sufficient contrast.
  2. The solid bounding box behind the text provides sufficient contrast.
  3. The content and color of the image do NOT provide sufficient contrast for the overlaying text.


Overview Video Treatment
  1. Video play buttons are placed in the lower left corner of the video poster image.