The Design System for Notre Dame Websites

The Notre Dame Web Theme is the branded starting point for University web design. Easy to use no matter your platform, the Notre Dame Web Theme improves user experience, simplifies the design process, and keeps our network on brand.

Web Theme Overview

Why the ND Web Theme?

  • Brand Recognition

    Leverage the strength of the Notre Dame brand and boost the authority of your site.

  • Efficiency

    Spend more of your time and money on content and messaging, not development and design.

  • Accessible & Mobile-Friendly

    Ensure your site is usable by everyone, including those using mobile devices or assistive technologies.

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See it in Action

Introduced in spring 2019, the Web Theme is used on hundreds of Notre Dame websites. It offers designers flexibility with unit-specific touches, while maintaining a strong visual association with the Notre Dame family.

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Get Started

In order to ensure branding consistency across all sites, designers and developers should use the University-provided theme files when creating a new website. Don’t start from scratch! These shared files are the foundation for the Web Theme.

Visit the Documentation section for the downloads, code examples, and reference material you’ll need to get started.

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